Msesippi McQuown Front Woman / Guitar/Vocals / Suitcase Percussion / Kazoo /Washboard

Matt Lodica Thomas Melodica / Melodion

Jessie Huard Suitcase Percussion & Drums / Cajon / Washboard / Vocals

Rob Katherman bass, guitar, vocals

Bink Brown – Lap, Dobro, Slide guitar
Michael Le Sullivan / Tie Dye Cowboy Banjo & and Guitar

Tommy Chico Chamberlin Suitcase & Gas Can Percussion

Jim – Over Lord

Alan Gibson – Bass and special guest Unk Al and the Amazingly Mediocre

The Human Tornados –

Hurricane Izzy & Alice Carol @ Wicked Rose Bunny

Joe Smith – Rouge Baghead

James Leblanc – All around Bag Head and support