Here and gone so soon… 2017


In no particular order and random at best… a small look back and a big step forward.




Bluebird Gap Farm Fall Festival 2017

Oct 28th, Hampton VA

It don’t get no better than playing for hundreds of people, a few peacocks, billy goats, chickens, llamas and of course there’s always an ass no matter where ya go. Except the ones here are cute and furry! see ya next time!bbgf-edits-6501bbgf-edits-6481

Hampton History Museum Oct. 18th, 6pm, 2017


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NorVa, Norfolk, VA

Had a blast at the NorVa. Talk about Sound! Nice to fill the stage and work with such an awesome crew!

See ya’ll next time!

WMBG 97.7fm 740am

Tomorrow  Msesippi from Tornado Bait, @ 3:15 p.m.

WBGN Super Sound Showcase

Williamsburg, VA

sponsored by Retro Daddio


The NorVA, August 25th

Tickets 10.00 pre-sale , message Tornado Bait @ or facebook us

or 12.00 via pay pal. (please email address for shipping to

Buy 10 tickets and Msesippi will do a private 30 performance on your front lawn

in Hampton roads or Suffolk, scheduling required


Farm Festival Chuckatuck Library, VA

Free Skool Suffolk Library, Virginia

Visions of Futures Past

Had a blast at The Hampton History Museum!

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Visions of Futures Past