Farm Festival Chuckatuck Library, VA

Free Skool Suffolk Library, Virginia

Visions of Futures Past

Had a blast at The Hampton History Museum!

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Visions of Futures Past



Ask Chuck

Don’t know what you’re doing. Can’t decide what’s next.

Don’t know why your socks don’t match. Ask Chuck…


Project 91, Pride of Pungo, Independent Fire Co.

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April 1st – Cocomoe Joe’s

Fools for Boobs Benefit

Saturday, April 1 at 2 PM – 10 PM
Cocomo Joe’s
404 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451


Back in the office

Getting ready for summer

Mosrite Wanna Be, That’s Me!

Once again our buddies at Music Go Round in Va. beach are keepin’ the torch lit and my phone blowing up with fortunes and steals! Here’s our newest member Sears’ solution to the Mosrite. Welcome to the family… I think I’ll call him Amos Moses.



Suffolk Library Big Idea Fair

The North Suffolk Library Band bringing the thunder! Forecast looks like F U N !